Web based help desk software.

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enables advanced processing of custom fields.The module allows viewing values of custom fields in a ticket browser and filtering tickets using values of custom fields as a key.

enables submitting new tickets and follow up messages via email. Requires support for email piping. Email piping is your web server feature. If your web server does not support email piping, you will need the pop2pipe script that emulates email piping.

emulates email piping: polls an external POP3 account, retrieves email messages (if any), executes an email processing program and feeds the message text to the program's standard input. The script is not a substitute for the Mail Module! It emulates email piping feature the Mail Module needs to operate.

allows attaching up to 3 files to each message.
allows organizing answers to common questions. Your operators can quickly access canned answers for instant solutions that save problem resolution time. New staff members will benefit from the canned answer library for training, enabling them to hit the ground running and be productive right from their first day.

allows assigning an operator to one or more groups. You may define an unlimited number of groups to put together operators, who are responsible for similar tasks. If Group Mode is enabled the Trouble Ticket Express will place a group selector drop down menu on a standard ticket submission form. This will ensure that each new ticket is being designated to appropriate group and only members of that group will receive new ticket notifications. Furthermore, operators will be provided with an option to transfer a ticket to a group, rather than to a particular employee.

allows using a MySQL database to store trouble tickets.

allows using a Microsoft SQL Server database to store trouble tickets.

allows defining a list of items such as servers, workstations, projects, premises, cars - anything you need to develop or provide a service for.

allows to edit or delete ticket messages.

allows saving tickets table into a csv file for analytical and reporting purposes.

allows saving complete Trouble Ticket Express data into a single file for archiving or transfers to a new location.

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