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Trouble Ticket Software Setup Instructions

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  1. Unzip ttx.zip on your local drive.

  2. Edit *.cgi files if needed: the very first line contains full pathname to Perl. Default settings work on most systems, but you should check with your administrator if not sure.

  3. Create Scripts Directory (if does not exist) on your web server. Make sure web server can execute scripts from this directory. Set access rights (Unix servers only) to 755.

  4. Upload all *.cgi and *.pm files to the Scripts Directory on your web server in ASCII mode. Please note, you must use ASCII mode when uploading scripts to your web server.

  5. (Unix only) Set 0755 mode for all *.cgi files you have uploaded to your server.

  6. Upload all *.gif files to the Scripts Directory directory in BINARY mode.

  7. Enter URL of setup.cgi script into your browser address string and hit Enter key. You should see System Setup Wizard screen. If you see something else, please refer to Setup Troubleshooting section for more info.

  8. Complete setup using Setup Wizard.

  9. (optional) Add custom fields to your trouble ticket mail form.

  10. (optional) Customize html and email templates.

  11. (optional) Define additional customer service forms.

  12. (optional) Download the Operator Manual.

Setup troubleshooting

You have entered URL of setup.cgi into browser address string and...

3.1. Saw Page Not Found 404 Error
That means you either made a mistake typing the url or the scripts directory must be accessed via another URL - please refer to your web server documentation to find out how URLs map to file system directories on your server.

3.2. Browser began download source code of the setup.cgi script
That means your server does not recognize setup.cgi as executable script. Please refer to your web server documentation to find out how to configure web server to recognize *.cgi file extension as executable script.

3.3. Saw Internal Server Error page
There could be multiple reasons for this error including but not limited by using binary mode to upload file, wrong path to Perl (the very first line of any script), failure to make executable either script file or script directory. Please refer to contents of your server error log file for error description. Please note, that one error usually generates 2 or more lines in error log file and the last one, which reads "Premature end of script headers" does not contain useful info. Before contacting us please obtain at least 10 last lines from your server error log.

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