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How to translate Trouble Ticket Express

Note: You must have version 2.22 or newer.

Trouble Ticket Express may translate user interface elements (messages, labels, list values) on the fly using loadable dictionary.

Your package includes a file dict.csv - the dictionary. Upload this file into the data directory (see System Setup form, setup.cgi). You may use Microsoft Excel to open and edit the file. The table contains two columns - the first one is English phrase or single word to translate, the second - is the translation. By default both columns contain identical text, thus the translation does not change the phrase. To translate just enter your langugage words or phrases into second column. Please note that it is somewhat complicated to suggest proper translation out of context. We would advise working with forms, rather than with the dictionary. That is instead of translating entries in sequential order look at the form, translate a label or a message first, then locate the label or message in the dict.csv and enter the translation. You may sort the entries in any way. The entries are case sensitive, that is "Ticket" and "ticket" are treated as different entries.

Important You must save the dict.csv in CSV format. The Excel will show you a warning every time you save the file - something about loosing formatting and other features, do not worry about this, just keep answering "Yes".

The dict.csv covers all system messages and most templates. Unfortunately some templates consist mainly of the text to be translated - examples are the ticket submission confirmation page and all email templates. Furthermore, the text found in these templates is mixed with macros to insert email address, customer name, ticket ID, message text etc. Since different languages use different grammar rules there is no way to compose universal sentences that would survive splitting on macro boundaries followed with partial translation. This is why these templates need to be processed separately:

confirmnew.html - new ticket submission page
newticket.txt - new ticket confirmation email
newmessage.txt - new message notification email
onewticket.txt - new ticket notification email (sent to operator)
onewmessage.txt - new message notification email (sent to operator)

We do not provide dictionary files. If you have completed a translation to your language and want to share (free or for a fee) your work with other users, please contact us and we will be glad to publish a reference to your site here.

Localization packages

Russian - by SeoDevGroup
Italian - by Fabrizio Giammatteo
German - by CB Solutions
Czech - by Petr Laznovsky

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