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Managing Trouble Ticket Express Appearance

The Trouble Ticket Express is a template driven CGI application. The template is in essence an html code that controls appearance of some page. You can view any template using your browser. For example, this link will show you a template of the new service request form. As you will see, loading a template into a browser produces rather cumbersome page. The magic happens when the template is being processed by the template-driven script. Most of the template consists of generic HTML and plain text that will be copied verbatim to the output file. In addition, a template contains macros to control where and what dynamic data must be injected. For example, the (%INPUT_email%) macro will disappear from the output, as it will be replaced with the value of CGI form input named 'email'.

All html templates support the following set of macros:

INPUT_xxx value of 'xxx' input
ENV_xxx value of 'xxx' environment variable (e.g. (%ENV_REMOTE_ADDR%) will be substituted with ip address of visitor's computer)
ERROR_MESSAGE plain text of error message, if any
ERROR_BOX formatted text of error message

Default set of templates is automatically generated by setup.cgi script. The templates reside in [datadir]/templates directory.The email templates are located in the same directory and have .txt extension.

Note: The Trouble Ticket Express as of version 2.20 supports page caching. The feature may prevent you from seeing modified templates immediately. We recommend disabling page caching while working on templates design. To disable page caching please edit configuration file, you need to assign 0 (zero) to the usecache variable (default value is 1).

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