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MySQL Add-on Module

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The MySQL module is an add-on software. The module is not required in order to setup and use the free Trouble Ticket Express help desk software. This is an enhancement module, what allows using a MySQL database to store trouble tickets.

Please do not order any add-on modules prior to installation of the Trouble Ticket Express software on your server. The add-on modules do not require re-installing the software; the script will sense and begin using new modules automatically. In other words, make sure you were able to install the free base module before ordering add-on packages.

Make sure you have Trouble Ticket Express rel.2.15 or newer on your server.

The Trouble Ticket Express rel.2.15 and newer include a sqlsetup.cgi script, which verifies your system, configures tickets database and imports exisitng tickets. Please do not order the MySQL add-on module if the sqlsetup.cgi script reports any errors. Make sure your server has MySQL database software and Perl DBI libraries installed and also you have all the information, which is required in order to access the database (the MySQL user id and password are the absolute minimum).

The add-on package order and service terms:

1. Purchase of this module includes E-mail support, but does not include customization, uploading, or script preconfiguration.

2. You are licensed to install one copy of this module on your site. You're free to modify the code; however, you may not redistribute this module or use it as part of a remote hosting service.

3. Order fulfillment (download procedure). Access to software download areas requires establishing of customer account with Eastwright Corp. Before submission of credit card data you will be prompted to log onto your account (or create new one). After your transaction cleared you will be granted access to MySQL Add-on download area. This operation is fully automated and you will be able to download your software within seconds after successful credit card transaction.

Please contact Eastwright Sales Department for more information regarding the above terms.

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